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Hi. This is a personal space where I dump things I like, mostly about graphic design, photography, and a certain guilty pleasure. 98 out of 100 B/W posts and 98% queued.

I am a graphic design college student on the verge of graduation, who thoroughly enjoys good coffee, EDM, drawing and making horrible graphics. My Photoshop skill never exceeds my organizing skill, which is non-existent. But I try. Sometimes I make themes, too. They're slightly better.

Witty, humorous design work is one to strive for. Quotes, too.

theme questions
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theme 05 // moderne love



· header theme
· 400/500px posts
· built in pop-up ask box & description (define your tumblr username in the Tumblr URL field for your ask box)
· 4 custom links + 5 extra link on pop-up
· customizable colors


· general theme maker rules apply (do not claim as your own, keep the credit intact)
· you are welcome to tweak as much as you like
· there might be mistakes since it’s late and i’m tired, so if you find any or need help do message me
· like or reblog if using.

made in conjunction with an earlier page

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