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Hello, this is Captain Forgetful. I tend to lose things and am mostly a disorganized person. I enjoy wasting time, EDM, horror movies, and coffee. I find deep sea fishes fascinating.

This blog is a collection of things I like, mostly about graphic design, photography, and a certain guilty pleasure. 98 out of 100 B/W and 98% queued.
Please do not touch the credit.

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Anonymous asked,


hunnieyjae asked,
hi im using your page 02 // 90°. it looks so pretty and elegant somehow (: i have some problems with it tho. about the four squares, the icons are not showing up. all i can see are boxes with codes in it. what should i do to fix that? oh and, the scrollbar for the pop up its not the same as the one in your preview. it came out like the usual grey bar :(

hello, thank you very much for the compliment. i guess you’re using firefox then? here is a quick fix to make sure the icons work fine cross-browsers. please reinstall the code and let me know if trouble still occurs. the scrollbar a webkit property, which only works on chrome and safari. to modify the scrollbar and works cross-browsers, it requires script, and i’m just as intelligent as a piece of rock to comprehend jquery. just borrowing and understanding nothing bothers me, so until then, the scrollbar will remain that way, at least until i’m comfortable enough with jquery. i am sorry for the inconvenience.

TL;DR code fix is attached, scrollbar is a webkit property, will not work on non webkit-based browsers (firefox).

jaykims asked,
Hi, love ur themes! currently trying use ur "theme 05 // moderne love" one and wondering if i am allowed to add 2 more columns; im a big fan of the 3 column style. if i am, i've been fiddling with the html coding for awhile but could not figure a way out how to do so. If any guidances from you is possible. that would be great. THANKS!

hi, thank you for using my theme. sure, tweak ‘em hard like never before. just keep the credit intact. however, don’t help with major customization, esp. that deals with overall layout. so i will redirect you to this tutorial on how to adjust a single column theme into grid theme.


yg.ln_ib  (by makoto shukawa)

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