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Hello, this is Captain Forgetful. I tend to lose things and am mostly a disorganized person. I enjoy wasting time, EDM, horror movies, and coffee. I find deep sea fishes fascinating.

This blog is a collection of things I like, mostly about graphic design, photography, and a certain guilty pleasure. 98 out of 100 B/W and 98% queued.
Please do not touch the credit.

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Common Terms of Medieval Life, a Masterpost of Sorts


This list is meant as an information resource for creative folk, not a complete guide. Be sure to supplement this with additional research. Find the rest of the series, including the previous posts on clergynobilitydivination, and medieval punishments.

Note: These words may have come to mean other things in addition to these over time, or not to mean these things at all anymore. When deciding what word to use, be sure that not only your denotation matches what you’re trying to say, but also that the connotation gives the right impression and understanding of your writing.

Ad censum: refers to the status of serfs who pay their rent in money rather than labor. Tenants paying like this were called censuarius (singular), or censuarii (plural).

Ad opus: refers to the status of serfs who pay their rent in labor rather than money.

Amercement: a fine.

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when i see high schoolers feeling old already, i think of how about you being me



glxylv replied to your post “glxylv replied to your post “suddenly web design doesn’t seem so…”

Yeah, like… Some people have a great taste on music here, so I check up their blogs time to time. Also the fashion… But apart of that, i have to set my priorities straight too, haha. Life is demanding in collage! There’s no time to be wasted :(

oh what kind of music do you like? i mostly rely on 8tracks playlist or for music, they could sometimes come up with very nice remix haha. yeah college is [very] demanding for sure. good luck with your college and thanks for replying, i’m glad you did.

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"What does the Skull say?" by Mirco Monsees


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