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how do i feel for thee?
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waitwaitwait hold on.. i just saw you tag a post (a picture of baekhyun btw) in indonesian.. are you indonesian?? bc im indonesian... you keep on surprising me ya.. wah...

hi fellow indonesian! iya saya org indonesia :D hahahaha i promise there will be no more surprise in the future :)

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ello invitation codes


Hey guys! I just discovered 5 available invitation codes for ello. If you want one, just reblog this, make sure you’re following me, and message me for it.

First come first serve!

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[checking out blogs~] My dash has been a little slow lately and I thought my short hiatus would be a great time to check out some new blogs! I’d love to come back to a new dash~ Reblog if you post exoshinee, got7, or bts? (: You don’t have to be following me but if you’re interested please check out my blog too? ^^ I’ll try my best to check everyone who reblogs when I come back to the best of my ability but I guess that kind of depends on how many notes this gets :0

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